Caroline’s Recipe for Wellness

That magical state of feeling good nearly all the time, rarely getting sick, and being able to handle life’s trials with relative ease





  • Eat consciously … 3 small, light and healthy meals: a balance of fresh, natural, colorful, wholesome foods, grown locally when possible. Snack fresh or have a few nuts/seeds.
  • Eat as the generations of your family have eaten. It’s in your DNA, and it serves you well.
  • Cook… so you’ll know what you are eating. It’s not hard to learn how.
  • Learn about foods and nutrition from knowledgeable sources. Ask doctors doctor questions; ask nutritionists nutrition questions. Trust only experts in their field.
  • Drink water…enough, but not too much.
  • Exercise rigorously 5 – 6 days a week: aerobics, strength, yoga/stretch… In addition, be active: shop, garden, cook, clean, walk, etc. Rest one day a week.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Breathe deeply. Sing (or hum). Laugh often.
  • Get regular massage.
  • Be open to alternative modalities: vibration, magnets, sound, light, essential oils, acupuncture, and homeopathic and natural remedies.
  • Take in nothing toxic. Do nothing toxic. Eliminate toxic people from your life.
  • Socialize. Call family often. Nourish friendships.
  • Read for knowledge. Read for fun. Do new stuff.
  • Live in possibilities.
  • Do good deeds.
  • Whine less. Be grateful often.
  • Bring art, music, flowers and friends into your home.


The Bite of History

Patriarchy Messing with Me and Food for 85 Years

An Autobiography by Caroline Anaya

Nutrition Scientist & Fitness Professional

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An engaging and empowering read. Written with the author’s professional scientist’s eye for research and a lifetime of embracing challenges, Caroline shows us—through her personal experiences—how far women have progressed, and the new issues we all face in finding wholesome nutrition and staying well. Her “Recipe for Wellness” in the appendix is an added treat.
Nancy, New York

Ihighly recommend The Bite of History to anyone who has concerns about their health, nutrition, weight management, quality of food, what food to purchase, processed food versus home cooked food and what has changed in the foods we purchase in the last 50+ years. While sharing her life with us she provides insights into choices and changes we can make in our lifestyle to lead healthier, happier and fuller lives. Don’t skip the appendix which is full of more information. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mrs. Anaya’s life.
Trisha G., Florida