Caroline Anaya – BS,MS

Nutrition Scientist & Fitness Professional


Caroline’s strength is the wisdom she has gained from her professional experience in nutrition, food technology, physical exercise and brain fitness.

Caroline was blessed with parents who taught her to be curious and self-reliant. Early on she focused on homemaking skills which blossomed in college to include agriculture and nutrition. Her degrees are in Foods and Nutrition: a BS, ’54, University of Arizona and an MS, ’60, University of Maryland.
Caroline’s professional years involved research developing the original Minimum Daily Requirements with the USDA and an infant formula for use in Nigeria under UNICEF. She helped set up standards for fishery products for the USDI. She then turned to industry-based food technology, developing Metrecal, the first diet food, and many other products. She has published a dozen scientific papers and articles.
While raising a family in midlife, Caroline worked as a hospital technician, marketed magnetic bedding for Japan Life, and was a street vendor. She was involved in show business with her kids, the Back-to-the-Land Movement, and New Age philosophies.
In 1996 Caroline returned to nutrition as a consultant with a rural clinic in Kansas, soon embracing and applying the wider scope of whole foods and natural nutrition. As industrial foods, marketing and diets gained popularity, Caroline changed course taking up a career in fitness that lasted 18 years. She was a yoga instructor, personal trainer and group instructor for aerobics and strength.

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Caroline also belongs to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Women’s Fraternity, and the National Association of Professional Women, which awarded her “Woman of the Year in Fitness” in 2011.
At age 83, Caroline retired to a less active schedule. She continues publishing “FitBits” Newsletter (now in its 12th year), and writes about food, nutrition, and her life. Caroline stays healthy with light meals of natural foods, deep sleep, daily yoga, and rides her tricycle down a wooded trail near her new home.


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The Bite of History

Patriarchy Messing with Me and Food for 85 Years

An Autobiography by Caroline Anaya

Nutrition Scientist & Fitness Professional

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Ijust finished reading Caroline’s book. It should be required reading for every woman under 40 along with The Woman’s Room, lest they forget the shoulders we stand on.
Fritz D., Las Vegas, Nevada

Great Story. So many ‘surprising’ hardships for Caroline to overcome and never a dull moment. Easy to read and enjoyable.
Kent W.