Caroline on her tricycle — Age 4


Caroline on her tricycle — Age 84


“The Bite of History” by Caroline Anaya

A compelling book... Says what needs to be said.

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The Bite of History

Patriarchy Messing with Me and Food for 85 Years

An Autobiography by Caroline Anaya

Nutrition Scientist & Fitness Professional


History is priceless. It is information, knowledge, education. Tells you about your past. Change is ongoing. Learning history offers perspective. How we got to this place. Hints as to where we are going.
Much of your “intuitive” knowledge has filtered down from my generation. Especially about food, nutrition and women’s issues. It’s fascinating how much has changed since 1932, not that long ago.
Mom taught me to cook, clean and care for my family. And more than that. The women of her generation had risen up; passed the right to vote. She put ideas in my head. Saw to it that I got an education. I studied about foods and nutrition: my life-long passion.
All that helped, but there is no way my Mom could have prepared me for all that life handed me. For the “facts of life” were obscure to her and all women for generations back.

This book is my story…

I take you through the decades as I lived them, sharing the changes in attitude and practices around food, nutrition, and women’s issues. Always challenging the relentless bite of history… professionally and personally.


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Caroline shares her experience, strength and hope as she tells her life story with integrity, courage, compassion and humor. An added plus is all the info on nutrition both past and present. An amazing story by an amazing woman.
L.T., Port St Lucie, Florida

Trained scientist, mother, cheerful survivor – Caroline uses her life path to guide and explain nutrition strategies that will help us save our own lives, and those we care for, in these crucial times of rampant hurtful diets, food lies, and false experts.
Jo Ann Lordahl, Author, Gainesville, Florida